Workhorse Academy

This Fall will be a special challenge for all of the parents in Edmonds.  In an effort to reduce the burden on the parents of Edmonds, we launched the Workhorse Academy.  This is an opportunity to form your small group, choose your teacher/teachers, and to have a location in downtown Edmonds with lightning-fast WiFi, a large whiteboard, and a monitor that is maintained, cleaned, and is not your home.  Here’s how it works.

  1.  Each parent who joins gets a free membership for one child
  2. Each membership includes 2 free hours of conference room rental
  3. Conference room rental is $25 per hour for members ($50/hour for non-members)
  4. Reserve your class time in the conference room early before we’re all full!
  5. Arrange for a parent or a tutor to teach your kids.
  6. Sit back and enjoy a free Kombucha, cold brew or coffee in your coworking space confident that your children are learning what they need to succeed!